SDE - Software Design Editing is a group of freelance professionals. We deal with software development and web based applications. Our philosophy is that each of our projects must be Simple, Functional and Scalable.

To us, each new job is a new intellectual challenge, so we treat it with patience and respect.

We work hard to achieve the best results with our clients through mutual communication and win-win approach. Our strength is knowledge supported by experience and modern technology. Above all, our main quality is honesty.

In our intellectual journey, we challenge the conventional ways to achieve best results. And we listen to you, because you are the professional in your field. The purpose of our existence is to make your business life easier.

What proves our knowledge and abilities is the experience and persistence in solving intellectual enigmas in which we have stumbled upon the last 20 years of our business and academic development. We are proud to have such an exciting experience. And we can share that experience with you.

In the business world, experience is everything


Kosova Pension Savings Trust V3

Comtrade Computers V2


RC-Cola V2

Tax Administration Kosova

Oferta Suksesi V1
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